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Introducing a Final Grade Calculator

December 5, 2023

An image of the final grade calculator on web

Bessy now has a built-in final grade calculator. Use it to calculate what grade you need to get on your final.

Benefits with Bessy's Final Grade Calculator

The biggest benefit is the tight integration with What If grades. You can edit/drop some assignments using the standard What If grades you know and love, and then have the calculator take those changes into account. This is especially useful if your teacher drops certain assignments or if you want to take additional assignments into account.

It's also very straightforward to use. Bessy can take into account all of the assignments you have already taken automatically, while in other final grade calculators, you would have to manually enter the grades of specific categories and assignments.

How to Use

  • Go to the home page
  • Click on a course
  • Click "View All Assignments"
  • Click the three dots next to the overall grade of the course
  • Click "Final Grade Calculator"


The final grade calculator is available on both web and on the mobile app.