Bessy is a better way to view your Schoology grades

Why Bessy?

An image of Bessy the cow flashing a thumbs up, signifying the easy to use aspect of Bessy

Easy to Use

With a simple and noncluttered interface, Bessy allows you to quickly and easily understand your grades.

An image of Bessy the cow holding a calculator with a question mark over its head, signifying the what if grades feature

What If Grades

Bessy allows you to simulate what your grade can potentially be for a course.

An image of Bessy the cow pointing towards a graph with an upwards trend

Visualize Your Grade Over Time

Bessy generates a chart for every course that visually shows how your grade has changed over time.

An image of a tired Bessy the cow under the moon, signifying dark mode

Dark Mode

Go easy on your eyes with dark mode, a first class feature in Bessy.