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Privacy Policy

Bessy takes privacy very seriously. Bessy does not sell your data in any sort of way. Only a very minimal amount of data is collected, largely for the purpose of seeing how Bessy is used by how many people.

Bessy utilizes several third party services in order to see how Bessy is used and to debug issues. Currently, these third party providers include Sentry for crash logs (which are only sent when a user encounters an error), as well as Mixpanel and Splitbee for basic usage information. These third-party services have been heavily scrutinized for best privacy practices (notice how Bessy does not use Google Analytics, for example).

Bessy does not store any data, nor does Bessy have any interest in data, that is considered user sensitive, such as grades. Bessy also stores authentication tokens locally on your device and encrypts them, meaning Bessy does not have unlimited access to your Schoology account.


For any further privacy inquiries, including data deletion, please email [email protected].